Michel is a member of the Dutch patient organization just as he is a member of the German patient
organization; in the Netherlands “Vereniging Anusatresie (VA)” and in Germany “SoMA eV”. In SoMA he is
one of the board members. Michel is a social worker, working with families with upbringing problems as a family counselor, social behavior trainer and “solution focused” therapist. Representing adult patients is his main task in both organizations. They often have problems in coping with life like social problems, work, relationships, fertility and sexuality. Michel coaches and gives workshops in sexuality, body image, self confidence, talking with doctors and practical solutions for adolescents and adult ARM patients.

“In ARM-Net I see myself as a kind of watchdog; academic studies only will not solve a problem. What can the patient do after a study or what has really changed after a study? I am also a messenger, telling the doctors and researchers what patients think, feel, and tell me. On the other hand I can report patients what ARM-Net is doing and where that should lead to.”
“One of my favorite mottos: Never let anyone… ever…dull your sparkle!!”
“Oops…almost forgot to tell that I myself was born with ARM!”