Dalia Aminoff studied languages (1979-1983) in Milan, Italy. In 1990 her son Emanuele was born with an
anorectal malformation with a rectourethral bulbar fistula. In 1994 she decided with other 4 parents to founda non profit organization for parents and patients born with anorectal anomalies and associated defects. The
AIMAR organization is well known all over the world and has established many contacts with most of the
pediatric surgery departments. She attended many congresses on this subject and has published a few
articles published on the Journal of Pediatric Surgery on the quality of life of patients born with an ARM. 

“I am proud to be a member of the ARM-Net consortium because this give the possibility to share in the hope
that we have a way to improve the quality of life for our children and their families.